Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boys are damn weird creatures

Is Thierry Mugler paying homage to Alexander McQueen, or just poaching?

Monday, February 7, 2011


Issey Miyake Fall 2010...

Please help me succeed on amc10. I don't want to be punished by the math gods. Or make the god of asian parents sad.

Should have memorized these bashy formulas earlier, and should've facebooked less for the past like 2 years. well...damn.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Because there's a spark in you.

pants: Issey Miyake fall/winter 2010--------There's some math going on in there.

When you went to school/right now you are in school. . .Did you realize that chemistry is a bitch and math is not so much?

Friday, January 21, 2011

I still eat ice cream so why isn't it summer. . .

last one top row-I dig those sheer stripe top parts, and last second row second picture-it's minimal design and freawesome freakish burst of color love.

sheer black dresses in summer 11!

and rather skanky but nice and simple tank tops.

A semi-surprise snowday (Friday!) allows me to finally enjoy what was a normal aspect of my life last year-stalking rtws on I wish I could view the slideshows/actual shows on my itouch instead, it's so much quicker and easier, and doesn't get stuck, but Asian mother believes that those things will fail my life :(

I liked at least one aspect of every collection I've viewed so far, but the stuff I'd actually wear. . .Jil Sander and Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso Rodriguez's collection held an unfair advantage over the other collections because of a great WSJ article on it, but it really is amazing!

And as for Jil Sander, I refer to the beginning, non maximalist pieces. It's probably an indirect effect of the dreary student life and constant stress from academics and other stuff...but I no longer gravitate toward color. (Is this a sign of depression?)I like the black and white simply cut, flowing pieces best now, whereas before, I would've skipped through those things.

Rodriguez's dresses consist of a layer of solid colored silk and an overlaying sheer sheath with the pattern of falling flower petals, and I know that because of the WSJ article, which showcased his only colored piece, a red dress with a white sheath-thing over it. But the black and white ones are amazing as well. . .

So if I could just have some Jenny Humphrey season 4 long blong waves and all those pieces this summer. . .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh look we have three days to work and relax. not happening

I will be seeing Harry Potter Saturday.

My mother told me that I will get to go shopping and buy stuff I actually like when I'm done being a senior aka graduate. I mean wtf. . .that is beyond cruel and logical. Yeah so everybody buy me stuff I like and make me happy because I think I failed a test today from morning anger.
but in happier news. . .it's break . . . did everyone hear about the spray on fabric runway show? And the funny looking faux faux fur coat Martin Margiela made when he had nothing better to do? I don't even like it. . .spray on cotton>plastic itchy coat ^_^ No idea if you can take those concotions off/how to take them off. . .

But screw it. . .it's almost my birthday (herpe barfday) and I can't even go shopping . . .>.<

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween+old camp procrastination pics

Awesome headwear. . .from right to left Carina, Blonde Hair, on Nora, 60s hat from antique shop, on me, green velvet bow from art teacher's box of crap, Christina, grandmother knit a hat.

So for Halloween, I just decided to put on a vintage beaded sweater bought for $15, which was overpriced considering it resembled a piece of furry rag more than a sweater, two black skirts, and some shades so I didn't have to look into people's faces. People asked if I was dressed as French hooker. . .kden.

Gathered with some girls to watch The Duchess, which won an Oscar for Best Costumes two years ago. . .because we were too scared of horror movies.

And those are some midnight (or dinnertime?) iphone shots from camp, when we were supposed to be sleeping/doing math. Credits to my roomate Vivian, and that awesome shiny bag is hers.

Monday, October 25, 2010