Saturday, January 29, 2011

Because there's a spark in you.

pants: Issey Miyake fall/winter 2010--------There's some math going on in there.

When you went to school/right now you are in school. . .Did you realize that chemistry is a bitch and math is not so much?

Friday, January 21, 2011

I still eat ice cream so why isn't it summer. . .

last one top row-I dig those sheer stripe top parts, and last second row second picture-it's minimal design and freawesome freakish burst of color love.

sheer black dresses in summer 11!

and rather skanky but nice and simple tank tops.

A semi-surprise snowday (Friday!) allows me to finally enjoy what was a normal aspect of my life last year-stalking rtws on I wish I could view the slideshows/actual shows on my itouch instead, it's so much quicker and easier, and doesn't get stuck, but Asian mother believes that those things will fail my life :(

I liked at least one aspect of every collection I've viewed so far, but the stuff I'd actually wear. . .Jil Sander and Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso Rodriguez's collection held an unfair advantage over the other collections because of a great WSJ article on it, but it really is amazing!

And as for Jil Sander, I refer to the beginning, non maximalist pieces. It's probably an indirect effect of the dreary student life and constant stress from academics and other stuff...but I no longer gravitate toward color. (Is this a sign of depression?)I like the black and white simply cut, flowing pieces best now, whereas before, I would've skipped through those things.

Rodriguez's dresses consist of a layer of solid colored silk and an overlaying sheer sheath with the pattern of falling flower petals, and I know that because of the WSJ article, which showcased his only colored piece, a red dress with a white sheath-thing over it. But the black and white ones are amazing as well. . .

So if I could just have some Jenny Humphrey season 4 long blong waves and all those pieces this summer. . .