Friday, February 19, 2010

Modesty through lies

I love this one especially, it's like the phasing of style and time.................................

Today, many more girls are participating in acts of modesty. There are blogs and sites that encourage women to shun revealing clothing and wear high necklines. The minidress is for swimming, and the maxidress is for sleeping. Only when you add a jacket to the maxidress can you go out appropriately.

Girls post pictures of their modest outfits on Suddenly Darling, a Christian style forum that promotes modest dressing. Under many of the girls’ pictures, there are lengthy debates on whether the hemline was long enough, or whether the tights covered enough, all in the form of comments. I go crazy and then wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

Is it right for people to judge others on how much skin they cover, and how long their hemline is?

Not only does the idea of modesty restrict creativity-the followers of this idea do not understand differences. And anyway, people have different standards, so you can wear your below knee dress and stopping scolding the others that wear above knees and feel comfortable.

The form of entertainment known as porn is not the same as art with exposed human figures. In porn, people market their nude bodies and sexuality, whereas in art and fashion photography, the nude figure is part of the picture, a symbol of truth. It’s like how the painters of the Renaissance and even before that painted nude women. They didn’t do it to market sexuality, and neither are these artists.

After all, everyone has a body that is essentially naked, so covering up and condemning people in bikinis is just plain pathetic. Because dude, were you born in a turtleneck and long skirt?

Nudity in photography is a symbol of truth, vulnerability, and embracing of life. It’s what people really look like. The artists who expose skin are not marketing nudity, they’re expressing the truth. The truth of a human being, and the truth of life. Fashion envelopes us in luxe fabrics, but also aims to bring to us the meaning of life. This really is what every field of art and science ultimately tries to show. . .

Attempting to brand people as immodest and slutty when they’re in a crinoline tutu is just plain ridiculous. Sure these people can stick to their modesty values and religious morals, but they can’t force it onto other people, people who might be in quest of the truth.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fashion shouldn't be a stressful form of art

When I first got into fashion, I pursued beautiful gowns, dresses that draped over the frame nicely, on models with nice makeup. As the years pass I’ve started to shun all those dresses that I once thought were beautiful, condemning them as “generic” and boring.

All my classmates that love fashion love Marc Jacobs, and yet when my sister made the comment, “Marc Jacobs is overrated,” they told her she didn’t know style. Why has fashion become such a field for judgement?

Ever since being introduced to the haute-art part of fashion, we’ve stopped admiring the simplicity of normal clothes, only liking something if it’s “fucking, out of the blue, genius awesome.”

We’ve placed ourselves on a higher order, believing that our taste was far superior to that of the generic Ugg wearing Hollister donning typical teenagers. We knew the true meaning of style and art, we understood fashion in all its complexity, and we were the only ones who knew how to use the adjective “amazing.”

This is more amazing than Uggs... I think so

Sort of like that

We also placed ourselves above those who only dressed in name brand high quality pieces, shunning them to be elitist and narrow minded, unable to accept the magic of non identity and uniqueness. As then ranted on about their high waisted skirt and their own sense of non-genericness, we laughed. Seriously, high waisted skirt? Does that really make you feel that good?

This makes me feel good.

But really, what is fashion? Why is it that between the beautiful gowns and avante garde sculptures there is such a deep obstacle? When you wear a jacket, are you showing off your face or the jacket? Do you want yourself to look good or do you want the jacket to look good? Is looking unique more important than looking good?

People should be able to choose for themselves what they want to wear. There shouldn’t be magazines that say for this spring, you should get floral skirts and ruffly dresses. Designers should not name their collections by season, but by a name that fits the theme of it the best. The words trendy and in style should simply be omitted.

In this way we can fully embrace our true tastes, and only in this way can we stand out individually, in a crowd. After all, your physical appearance is the first thing that someone notices.

I usually check out celebrity getups on OMG Yahoo because they have full collections of each night, whereas has a short article and basically one picture. It continues to infuriate me when I read lines like “and her dress was horrific” or “those shoes don’t match.” The separate their pictures into 2 hot 2 handle, and fashion faux pas. Most of the 2 hot 2 handle pictures constitute of a prettily made up lady in a satin tone frock or satin tone gown, and plain Louboutin style pumps. Sometimes they decide Reese Witherspoon in a Rodarte mini looks good, and other times they decide that Ciara in a Givenchy textured piece is out of the question horrific.

OMG Yahoo shuns individuality, and wants people to look hot. Hot meaning boring and characterless. Hot means green dress must go with green pumps. YUCKEWGROSSWTFNOOO. Fashion just shouldn’t have rules.

Yes, Lady Gaga is a bad girl, a stripper, a girl who went to school then dabbled in drugs. But she has pursued her talent, met a bit of luck, and most importantly, shows her own unique style through fashion. Though we do sometimes wonder how she can maneuver in the cold wearing only skimpy butt coverage, we talk, write, and listen to her because she’s her.

I mean, talk about amazing? THE MOON+GAGA+ARMANI"S BRAIN

Those who have a burning passion for Marc Jacobs, who they describe as “down to earth” and simple, simply have a more muted taste. They aren’t dramatic and don’t create scenes, and that’s not something to shun. Being quiet in self expression is no different from being shy in person. It is not lack of understanding, but a muted taste that allows people to have those tastes.

So I’m going to keep liking things that are “fucking awesome” and not be judgemental about people who rant about high waisted skirts.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Artemis likes drapery as well

I can actually wear this to school as my school celebrates Halloween every school day, but isn't this image amazing? They're like spirits or something...better than Greek mythology. And at UO there are proxies!

The best headgear if you still want to learn at school for 16.99

And if you go a school that celebrates Halloween everyday then this :D for 6.99 AHHHHH!!!

That would be the goddess of nature or something...we're still on Artemis