Friday, April 30, 2010

the middle of the diagram

While at yet another math meet that yet again messes my Friday schedule up and yet again failing a physics test by taking it in five minutes but today I did better than last time. To do well in math I have to fail physics apparently.

So this is what went on in the chambers of my head after I completed my rounds and uh stared at uh you know those cool lookin’ guys who you know are smarter than god (look up, see him? Not as cool looking as the other guys).

The activities of a teenager last with him throughout his whole life. So basically what we’re doing right now is what we love so much that we do it for the rest of our lives. And because what we’re all doing is very very different from each other, we’re going to be very very different people when we grow up.

That’s nice. I like diversity in this world. And I like you. Diversity is colorful and pretty like Dries Van Noten. You look pretty with me and the rest of the world.

But even though we’re all different people it’s kind of nice how inside we’re still wondering about the same things (uh scientists shoved this niceness at me, so what I’m saying is legitimate but not out straight out of my head.) According to them, we all wonder about the meaning of life, our future, and sexuality.

I constantly ask people what the meaning of life is and they constantly answer it lamely, and also those really smart kids at math meets-they discuss sexuality and what do you say when a girl says “does this dress make me look fat?”

You say: “No, you make you look fat!”

What the f(x)? That’s really rude yet logical like their USAMO proofs.

But really…isn’t it sort of wonderful how all these people are similar in thought so often? These kids are all similar!

She's awesome sort of sophisticated and like the ones below.

Perhaps potheads, perhaps not, rocking in docs.

I don't want to say much, for fear that these people would discover this
piece of internet space and so no names-they're just mathies that I know are like the people above. it's surprising and kind of nice to know I'm like them in a way. . . Guess which one I stared at. . .

I think*** that this is a teen. Not sure totally.

Have a nice day today. (see I would say weekend, but no I don't post often enough to make that work.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The palette the plate the playing on polyvore

It’s been a whole week of vacation and I posted nothing-no apologies. Because I don’t care that much.(and neither do you, for that matter)

I’m usually a “color color kill me if you have no color” person, but recently experienced short erratic weeks of minimal, monochromatic-ness. Though I’ve always been a fan of long lengths and avante garde, I never truly felt I could possibly subside on neutrals only.

To satiate my thirst, I have created Two wishlists-one for when I feel minimal and one for when I feel maximal. Like my sister Christina, I have a special fondness for the colorful bright prints of Dries Van Noten , and so around 60% of my maximal (no I did make that up-I used my less than $200 graphing calculator to calculate :D) wishlist is comprised of it.

Pink Miu Miu dress, DVN cropped blue jacket, Marc Jacobs teal floral skirt, Stella McCartney awesome dead grass skirt (yes I'm making the names up), DVN print trousers, DVN print gathered waist skirt (no that is it's name!), Miu Miu sparrow print pumps, Tom Binns red necklace, Juicy Couture blue pansy ring (don't kill me! I don't love it enough to die for it!) Oil Silk cuff bracelet ahh enough it's just random pretty jewelry. It's all there. . .

The minimal wishlist is pretty much all black and white. Last year this time, I had a problem with maxi dresses and the omniscent floral hemmed edges and bohemian style. But I really love the avante garde plain, simple, feel of dark plain dresses. It’s not really realistic that I’d layer up on those DVN prints in the hot hot summer anyway.

Penumbra black maxi dress, Alexander Wang white tank, Topshop beaded crop top, Deborah Marquit lace bra, Junya Wantanabe cotton harem pants, Camilla Skovgaard open toe killer sandals, Modcloth close toe pump ($35!!) Mcqueen, Kate Spade, and Svpply baubles.

And the inspiration was Camille, awesome girl she is!

Irrelevance: My Earnest Sewn (what kind of grammar is that?!) wax jeans came. . .and okay they fit but it’s not exactly the greatest kind of fit. And seriously what is this whole wax thing? I’m sticking to chairs. . . I’ll keep them though, considering they were pretty much free. And with the leftovers on my plastic card of $$, I purchased bright yellow tights, which should arrive soon.

I have another plastic card coming in to me in a couple weeks. I figure that I’m going to school next year, and that while immersed in academics, it’s a good idea to be COMFORTABLE, so I figure that I might hit upon some PRACTICAL pantswear- what do you think, high rise Earnest Sewns that might be unflattering or comfy Delias corduroys that might earn the disapproval of my sister pretty hot people and some organ within me? And yes I care what others think-it's what creates me. (Quite a philosphical conclusion)

The Dalai Lama likes Doc Martens. SCORE!

Good luck on your physics test from last friday before vacation, because you were sitting in the MFA looking up at the ceiling with the art class, Catherine!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Er...more asians?

It’s not really that there’s anything particularly inspiring or creative about these spreads. These ensembles come straight from the real costumes of wartime civilians and soldiers. But these spread emanate a sense of age frozen in time, a war that passed and went but still cannot be forgotten.

The revolutions of the past have always been part of who the people are. Countless dramas have been filmed emphasizing the power and triumph of the people who believed in their doctrines and their comrades.

My father’s shelves contain a myriad of books containing lengthy essays debating on the character and classical fighting strategies both the Communists and Nationalists used. In these books, it seems what lasts has always been the pride of winning, the pride of overcoming the impossible impasses.

Though never the core theme, the dramas almost always hint at the invincibility of the Communist soldiers. In the story of two siblings, the one who chose the stars would live on, while the one who chose the sun would drown in the large mountaintop that is grass covered quicksand.

For the directors, it’s always a matter of showing the plot, to take the triumph of the Communists, add a literary theme, and then create the drama.

For these Vogue editors and stylists, it’s a very different story. The positions of these models are rigid, and the expressions are stationary on the faces. The men in these spreads show none of the handsome heroism and invincibility of the soldiers portrayed in the dramas. Those guys are actually kind of ugly.

Du Juan emanates a sense of immaculate and fragile strength. With her sharp haircut and upright positions, her fragile strength creates a sense of fascination unique from the women of the dramas.

I think that these images get to the crux of the truth: that it’s not the triumph that makes the war so potent in the minds of the people. Of my countless relatives that lived through the war, the triumph of the Communists was impersonal, and far from their actual experience with the battle.

It is the experience of war and carnage, frozen in its state that is part of the people, not merely the triumph of the battles.

Off to the side: School ended for April vacation but this is going to be my first time with finals. . .which does not sound too appetizing. And report cards were sent home the day before break (whose idea is this?). I hate those no matter what they look like. . . and I'm also waiting for some stuff to arrive.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Asian is spelled Azn in math

I just spent six hours of today being a young creep with messy hair at the states math meet. I succeeded in the art of failing using the help of guessing by logic, and spent high amounts of time staring at the gorgeous visages of famous mathletes strolling around. These kids are beautiful mentally and physically, they look awesome, do math awesome, talk awesome, walk awesome, and just simply exude awesomeness. During the car ride to the site of the meet/ride back/both, I was brought to the realization that by stalking fashionable and math people, I don’t really have a life.
But what actually is the meaning of life?

“STALKING!!!. . .. ... .right?”

^^^^^^^^^This is basically what they look like, except insert male features in faces (not that females aren’t awesome but I didn’t see them/fall in love with them.)

It’s actually lame how real nerds do not wear large black glasses with khakis and argyle sweaters, and people who dress like that can’t actually do these little creepy wordy puzzles known as math.

But it doesn’t matter, because I don’t want to argue with felines whose heels and stare could rip my throat apart.

Errr. . .convos, the words exchanged between more than one person.

(As Catherine sit struggling with the new idea of logarithms, or logs, the pieces of wood that float in a swamp.)

Mother: Hey Catherine, could you try some of these on? (holds up light peach colored silk dress)

Catherine: Sure I guess. . .

Christina walks over and

Christina: Hey! I want those.

30 minutes later, As she struggles with the inequalities of wood,

Mom: Also, can you try these? (Holds up two of her old tops white lace crop and green-blue luxe knit

Catherine: Um yeah

Catherine: Hey they look nice thanks! (Puts them in her closet)

20 minutes later

Mom: Hey can you let Christina try those two tops

Catherine opens closet and hands Christina lace crop

Christina while putting it on

Christina: Ahh, this can’t go over my head, Cathy, can you pull this over my head?

So yeah if I fail my log test these two have some responsibility.