Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh look we have three days to work and relax. not happening

I will be seeing Harry Potter Saturday.

My mother told me that I will get to go shopping and buy stuff I actually like when I'm done being a senior aka graduate. I mean wtf. . .that is beyond cruel and logical. Yeah so everybody buy me stuff I like and make me happy because I think I failed a test today from morning anger.
but in happier news. . .it's break . . . did everyone hear about the spray on fabric runway show? And the funny looking faux faux fur coat Martin Margiela made when he had nothing better to do? I don't even like it. . .spray on cotton>plastic itchy coat ^_^ No idea if you can take those concotions off/how to take them off. . .

But screw it. . .it's almost my birthday (herpe barfday) and I can't even go shopping . . .>.<

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween+old camp procrastination pics

Awesome headwear. . .from right to left Carina, Blonde Hair, on Nora, 60s hat from antique shop, on me, green velvet bow from art teacher's box of crap, Christina, grandmother knit a hat.

So for Halloween, I just decided to put on a vintage beaded sweater bought for $15, which was overpriced considering it resembled a piece of furry rag more than a sweater, two black skirts, and some shades so I didn't have to look into people's faces. People asked if I was dressed as French hooker. . .kden.

Gathered with some girls to watch The Duchess, which won an Oscar for Best Costumes two years ago. . .because we were too scared of horror movies.

And those are some midnight (or dinnertime?) iphone shots from camp, when we were supposed to be sleeping/doing math. Credits to my roomate Vivian, and that awesome shiny bag is hers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Fall: and a story-thingy

So because I'm so horrible at time management, I blog less frequently than college students.
But even with my general abstinence of this stuff I'm still lagging behind. . .
I want those little furry shoes that are supposed to look like animal skin and those freaky hats with the animal head, and when I scan the WSJ later I'll remember what shows I liked, too. Here is the story of life, through nice pictures.

Good Student comes home from school and sits back down on bed spacing out because she does not want to face all the homework and horrors of badly taught classes.

If Good Student were cool and smart, then this is what she'd look like, with awesome ombre tulle collars and a cool looking chunk of truncated geometric objects-thingy. And of course, the perfectly photoshopped face. And looking like that because her homework is done.

This is what Good Student would look like if she neglected her homework and became Cool. She would be pretty cool like that.

But Good Student really wants to remain a Good Student and tries to do all her homework and academics. But she is just so damn stressed out she has to drink orange juice, and even though it's not alcohol, she gets pretty screwed up and (insert term for what happens to innocent children after they drink alcohol)

So after getting screwed up, Good Student is no longer Good Student, she is no Cool (school)Fail.
Now Tired Student needs to write an essay on midgety Napoleon in less than 2 hours. (BYE BLAWG)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi school is busying and I don't have fun time.
These looklets I made at the beginning of summer, and now it's time to upload. they probably be the last ones because now looklet doesn't work on my computer anymore. Fall is about a transition of summery september to the dreary wetness of march and not just a lot of random earthy tones and a lot a lot of black.
So my only source of fashion's been the superficial reporting that the wall street journals give. . .and now I'm finally back to view NYFW.
School is really amazing at keeping me away from things.

Friday, August 27, 2010


OH hi blog, long time no see.

OH fashion. . .Um hi.

So camp: it was pretty dang cool. . .and now I can actually muster strength to type and talk about it in a tangible manner. It was colorful, bright orange creme tees, so many rubiks cubes in different sizes and shapes, pyramids, the cute 2x2x2, and I can only do 2/3 of the 3x3x3 before I pass out :( Why can't I do anything?

And then a tradition from an older math camp (because ours is new this year!)-Sarongs! I wish I could sneak there for a day. . .they sell beautiful African sarongs "dirt cheap" as I heard and the idea is you wear them all over! The first day I saw our head counselor with a yellow sarong wrapped tightly around his skinny legs. . .I was a bit startled.

And then an hour ago we went to the mall.

Mom: "You guys can look at 3 stores and don't buy anything."


ZARA: AHH 9.99 sale I NEED

So we were just dragged along because our house was depleted of dark Lindt (Asian home staple? Surprise!)


So enjoy my pictures, and more coherent than thou writing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mathing time be over.

Now that the interestingness of my summer is completely over I feel like I’m not really going to be interesting anymore. There were two sessions of attempts to bring haute couture to the dorm rooms, numerous attempts to finish homework and get enough sleep…and 3 attempts to do summer French, -0 of them being successful. I don’t really have a lot to say about these. . .That fabulous green halter is my fabulous roomate Vivian's..... . .those are her shades, and my everything else. And that orange tie dye turban is the awesome nerd shirt that everybody said they hated but actually loved to death.
Er the other more bustier like thing is a suite-mate’s. . .from good old average AE. And everything else is the same. I mean I don’t have much to say about fashion and that…it was just really fun. When you live with people who do the same things as you, you just get so much closer and everybody’s a really big happy family. . .and then camp’s over and then things happen. . .and then I get a headache. I’m so coherent, I know....but like yeah I had a taste of complex life and didn't like it so now I cleared the complexity.
OH OH OH OH OH. While on a cliché trip to them Ivy Leagues, me and my friend stop by at UO and I find good deals. . .only to have to return empty handed back to the mathers because the line for purchase was too long. Fail much?
I'll upload the less pretty ones later. When I've done more of my work.
Oh and I got a lookbook thingy. YAY YAY YAY.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Couture, camp, and to be continued

So I uh basically am at an oil painting camp where you paint with oil for like the whole day.

There’s this pretty skilled teacher who says these painting principles over and over again and it soaks in like crazy. So I couldn’t actually watch those couture presentations without looking at the pieces from an oil painter’s point of view. . .not that I’m exactly an accomplished one, but the fact that I’m thinking in the terms of one makes me feel damn cool.
The one that I saw on blogs and stuff before visiting after a tiring, tiring week. . .Givenchy.

The textures were deep and intricate. . .feathers, sheers, shiny thingies. . .and the whole skeletal idea very compelling. And because I like it from an oil painter’s view and I’ve been mimicking an oil painter who paints flowers and trees, these things go together in a polyvore.
The Dior one didn’t receive as much awe and appreciation, but in the eyes of an oil painter, OMG!

The vibrant hues, soft flowing tulle, and that wooly angora, it’s the epitome of beauty in the eyes of an oil painter and in the eyes of normal creepy me. . .yes those tulle concotions and fuzzy angora sweaters are amazing.

I loved Elie Saab and some of Chanel’s (oh surprise Chanel is a label with such a bad connotation) but most of his gowns in his regular shows are so breathtaking anyway it’s really all the same. . .
And also because I’m like getting sexually harassed and tired out by all the painting. . .and math camp after it, I’ll be on vacation from fashion. LOVE YOU ALL, bye.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This old lady put stolen lipstick all over her face and then heard the summertime chime.

So sorry that I’ve stopped posting. Too much has happened. . .SATs (for fun, wtf?), finals, finals, finals, finals, three finals in one effing day. . .locked out of the house after jogging and going to visit them old schools. . . Too much stress mitigates the impulse to look up inspiration and such. But what the last thing I got inspired by before all the academic atrocity?


Not those little cute fitted military jackets you find at Urban Outfitters or F21 or something, but like real military. Real dark green costumes and badges and hats and boots that radiate the message of “I’m strong, don’t fuck with me” instead of “I’m cute please DO fuck me.”
Needless to say this inspiration is from the er Asian shows. You know the Asian film market consists mostly of T.V series on DVD that each yield at least 10 hours, usually 30 hours or more.
But my interest in this military stuff is very non fashion/style/art related. There’s a difference between the ability of clothes to create a character for THEMSELVES and the power clothes can create for a PERSON.

Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, political females. . .they’re not going to don those big Viktor&Rolf things and walk around talking about healthcare. . .they’ve got so many more important things to worry about and have to have the attention focused on the words they speak, not the intricacies of their attire. So what these chicks get is a look that is immaculate, nice, friendly, and not fat. And then people listen to them and vote for them or watch their movies or whatever. This is called the POWER of clothes.

The other side is the let’s say ARTISTIC SIDE. That is when the wearer or person loses all character of their own and the clothes take over. The clothes create the specific feel and persona for the model who is now just a face, or actually just a frame. See leaders and people that need to be known for what they do can’t wear something so amazing and amazingly distracting.
So the point is this infatuation with military has nothing to do with actual couture or whatever, but rather with the POWER normal/not-for-artistic-appeal garments can bring. These military costumes, when unmarred by the goal of successful marketing to today’s chic youth, are the epitome of strength, authority, and elegance if it happens to be the Guomindang with enough money.

And when juxtaposed against the feminine daintiness (yeah I don’t care about feminism that much sorry) of a woman in qipao or apparently the word is cheongsam, is really quite a sight. It provides not artistic inspiration, but inspiration of the mind, to be strong, confident, and to never forget that elegance and immaculacy does count, no matter how amazing Lady Gaga or the Viktor&Rolf models look.

This is the actual green nice costumes. the below are when he wasn't a general. Colors are little poopy.

In character.

Other topic sort of related to this:
Chinese Bazaar is usually an epic, epic, fail, giving helpful advice for the upperclass Chinese such as “are you short? If so, wear high heels!” Or “if you’re flat chested wear a lot of ruffles!” I mean they have superb spreads that are really quite amazing but the whole celebrity in spread thing has just never been good. UNTIL THIS though. This dude is really good at acting and has an amazing voice and my opinion of him heightened when I searched him (I do this for every main actor of a film) and got linked to Susie Bubble’s blog.

And then I see all these images, shirt resembling PAPER STRIP cutouts, and printed creepy Asian pants, POKER PRINT shirt, CREEPY EXPRESSION! Of course, that random Asian chick does not do the world of couture any justice at all, but my opinion of Asians and what they model while being models completely changes oh my god enlightenment. Going to watch him and the others acting now, bye :)

I mean the papery shirt? Amazing. Random girl in random dress=not so cool

Yes this print of pants and poker card shirt and creepy expression is pretty awesome.

Wow Asian Bazaar! And that generic Asian celebrity in a pretty cool dress. Nice luster of the suit but not so much the actions. . .I didn't notice until I showed my sister the dress.

This is from Style Bubble. . .I cannot believe style and my Asian drama watching can ever be this connected. And of course the pieces he don are superb.

This guy is mah fave. Need more be said?

Too bad he dies in all the dramas I've watched that he's in.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pants and Prom time

So I uh tried on my Earnest Sewn and they are skin tight. The measurements were 24x34 but apparently my waist is not 24 inches, so if I get any fatter they won't fit. Aren't these jeans really just another trend or something. . .I don't really want to be uncomfortable anymore. So I vow that these are going to be the last jeans I buy for a while, for the very least.
Chambray trousers in spring and wool trousers in winter might be a better idea. . ., and since my mom gets hers all custom made in Shanghai I guess that's what I'll be doing. It's about the price of the Topshop ones, ($80), and superb quality. Because yes, in China, these craftspeople are not appreciated. Complicated haircuts cost $2, Jesus Christ.

Moschino Cheap and Chic, Topshop, Topshop

Oh and on another note, all the prom happenings. Is it just me or are the little skiny F21 style tubes getting to be too much? I mean I understand that not a lot of people can get high couture gowns from Jean Paul Gaultier or Dior, but there are costumes out there for less than $200, that actually resemble dresses, and not shiny tubes. The F21 ones are just. . .ew.

Modcloth is where I'm going to get mine, if all else fails. they have all the unique designs from indie designers, and if they close down before my prom happens I would have to do a lot a lot of math. (See I'd only get to New York with all those shops if I can make this girls math contest. . .pretty much)

This dress was already sold out. . .to prom kids with good taste. It's under $100 and looks like something a girl would wear, not a cheap hooker.
This one is not sold out, and has such a painterly print. . .I think it was under $70.

The cut and design of this one is beautiful, so is the color. It's simple and beautiful in a subtle way, and much better than F21. Oh this is $200.

Yeah the lace inlays are absolutely my favorite. This was sold out, and it does sort of resemble a tablecloth but not in a bad way at all.

Navy blue is what I want. . .a cooler design than this though. But any normal person looking for a dress, not art could pick this baby up.
I guess thrift stores are really good places, and consignment shops, but only through many many trips could you actually find the one dress you really like, and that's a bit annoying.