Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This old lady put stolen lipstick all over her face and then heard the summertime chime.

So sorry that I’ve stopped posting. Too much has happened. . .SATs (for fun, wtf?), finals, finals, finals, finals, three finals in one effing day. . .locked out of the house after jogging and going to visit them old schools. . . Too much stress mitigates the impulse to look up inspiration and such. But what the last thing I got inspired by before all the academic atrocity?


Not those little cute fitted military jackets you find at Urban Outfitters or F21 or something, but like real military. Real dark green costumes and badges and hats and boots that radiate the message of “I’m strong, don’t fuck with me” instead of “I’m cute please DO fuck me.”
Needless to say this inspiration is from the er Asian shows. You know the Asian film market consists mostly of T.V series on DVD that each yield at least 10 hours, usually 30 hours or more.
But my interest in this military stuff is very non fashion/style/art related. There’s a difference between the ability of clothes to create a character for THEMSELVES and the power clothes can create for a PERSON.

Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, political females. . .they’re not going to don those big Viktor&Rolf things and walk around talking about healthcare. . .they’ve got so many more important things to worry about and have to have the attention focused on the words they speak, not the intricacies of their attire. So what these chicks get is a look that is immaculate, nice, friendly, and not fat. And then people listen to them and vote for them or watch their movies or whatever. This is called the POWER of clothes.

The other side is the let’s say ARTISTIC SIDE. That is when the wearer or person loses all character of their own and the clothes take over. The clothes create the specific feel and persona for the model who is now just a face, or actually just a frame. See leaders and people that need to be known for what they do can’t wear something so amazing and amazingly distracting.
So the point is this infatuation with military has nothing to do with actual couture or whatever, but rather with the POWER normal/not-for-artistic-appeal garments can bring. These military costumes, when unmarred by the goal of successful marketing to today’s chic youth, are the epitome of strength, authority, and elegance if it happens to be the Guomindang with enough money.

And when juxtaposed against the feminine daintiness (yeah I don’t care about feminism that much sorry) of a woman in qipao or apparently the word is cheongsam, is really quite a sight. It provides not artistic inspiration, but inspiration of the mind, to be strong, confident, and to never forget that elegance and immaculacy does count, no matter how amazing Lady Gaga or the Viktor&Rolf models look.

This is the actual green nice costumes. the below are when he wasn't a general. Colors are little poopy.

In character.

Other topic sort of related to this:
Chinese Bazaar is usually an epic, epic, fail, giving helpful advice for the upperclass Chinese such as “are you short? If so, wear high heels!” Or “if you’re flat chested wear a lot of ruffles!” I mean they have superb spreads that are really quite amazing but the whole celebrity in spread thing has just never been good. UNTIL THIS though. This dude is really good at acting and has an amazing voice and my opinion of him heightened when I searched him (I do this for every main actor of a film) and got linked to Susie Bubble’s blog.

And then I see all these images, shirt resembling PAPER STRIP cutouts, and printed creepy Asian pants, POKER PRINT shirt, CREEPY EXPRESSION! Of course, that random Asian chick does not do the world of couture any justice at all, but my opinion of Asians and what they model while being models completely changes oh my god enlightenment. Going to watch him and the others acting now, bye :)

I mean the papery shirt? Amazing. Random girl in random dress=not so cool

Yes this print of pants and poker card shirt and creepy expression is pretty awesome.

Wow Asian Bazaar! And that generic Asian celebrity in a pretty cool dress. Nice luster of the suit but not so much the actions. . .I didn't notice until I showed my sister the dress.

This is from Style Bubble. . .I cannot believe style and my Asian drama watching can ever be this connected. And of course the pieces he don are superb.

This guy is mah fave. Need more be said?

Too bad he dies in all the dramas I've watched that he's in.


  1. very thought-provoking. i like the big dress and comments on power vs. artistic value of clothes.

  2. Such nice photos. The second one is really breathtaking.


  3. Very interesting!

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  4. HA HA HA, this is very funny, and you are an excellent writer, great post , xoxo

  5. Ok, great post and I really love your little comments about polyvore, chictopia, etc on the right sidebar.

  6. I love military designs!

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  7. Interesting post! I like your thoughts on elegance. I will have to read this again when there isn't a baby running around distracting me!

    ps. loved your comment about me looking good AND being a mom! Ha! Made my day. Thanks. (though for the record there are quite a few stylish moms out there...albeit not as many as there should be!!)

  8. very interesting post
    your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!


  9. great post and pictures.:) I follow you now.SarahD:)

  10. very cool pics. hope you get some down time now.

  11. Love these! Definitely inspiring. Love the magazine editorials.

  12. hilarous post!!!! what is he doing LOL

    but the photography of her in the gown with the man is amazing!