Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Fall: and a story-thingy

So because I'm so horrible at time management, I blog less frequently than college students.
But even with my general abstinence of this stuff I'm still lagging behind. . .
I want those little furry shoes that are supposed to look like animal skin and those freaky hats with the animal head, and when I scan the WSJ later I'll remember what shows I liked, too. Here is the story of life, through nice pictures.

Good Student comes home from school and sits back down on bed spacing out because she does not want to face all the homework and horrors of badly taught classes.

If Good Student were cool and smart, then this is what she'd look like, with awesome ombre tulle collars and a cool looking chunk of truncated geometric objects-thingy. And of course, the perfectly photoshopped face. And looking like that because her homework is done.

This is what Good Student would look like if she neglected her homework and became Cool. She would be pretty cool like that.

But Good Student really wants to remain a Good Student and tries to do all her homework and academics. But she is just so damn stressed out she has to drink orange juice, and even though it's not alcohol, she gets pretty screwed up and (insert term for what happens to innocent children after they drink alcohol)

So after getting screwed up, Good Student is no longer Good Student, she is no Cool (school)Fail.
Now Tired Student needs to write an essay on midgety Napoleon in less than 2 hours. (BYE BLAWG)