Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gelato on the Couch

Sci-fi is very nice and pretty. You look like a grandma and your angsty daughter all at once!

It's Japanese. It's cool. And it's against the religion.

Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute.

Kinda classical......but still very nice when you look gangsta yourself so gangstas don't beat you up.

After you chill at the beach and get no tan you walk back on some pavillion thingy window shopping and buying some iced tea. . .where is the bag?!

Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer. Vacation Vacation Vacation Vacation.Comfortable. Morbid. Hilarious. So when you go out alone strangers don’t eat you but stare at your ethereal beauty.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This made my day, life actually, after almost a month of inability to find anything inspiring. It's usually pretty easy to bash opposites together and look dangerously awesome yet normal. It's easy to mix blue with orange, or purple with yellow, and not end up on lame people's list of lame people.

But unless it's near Christmas/you're a drunk Santa, red&green most always ends up on lame people's list of lame people-which theoretically is nothing to sweat about, but if you um go to school and um work your um butt um off um it's um freaking stupid um if you just look funny so your teacher gives you um a funny looking grade as well.

But this red&green concotion is geniusly normal, awesome, and it's red and green. And it's amazing. It's on my list of awesome, and if I'm lame then she wins.
The model says she's 100 years old on her model profile. I like humorous people too. I like glasses. I like glitter. I got a haircut today but it didn't look like that because if your hair feels different your test scores will feel different too. And when they feel different, they generally are different.
Find the pictures and some other pictures here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From outer space

Hi. These are images of life, non life, and perhaps life.

We had a brief unit of atomic chemistry in physics the past few weeks. Apparentment, atoms are made up of basically space, matter is basically space, and the world that one time I fell in love with is basically empty space.

Them amazingly constructed geniusly encrusted Armadillo shoes are a chunk of solid space.

The geniuses who create my objects of adoration are space.

My ice cream is empty space. So am I.

The atoms in your body are not yours. They come from the poop of Adolf Hitler and the black dresses of Coco Chanel. You do not own your atoms, you are only their present caretaker. Truth.

Atoms are composed of a nucleus of neutrons and protons, with teeny tiny negatively charged electrons floating around it. Atoms are mostly empty space. You are mostly empty space, and that empty space doesn’t even belong to you. Because you are empty space.

Studying for this science test is depressing. Science is depressing. Science brings enlightenment to us. It makes us realize how little we mean to the universe, how insignificant our thoughts really are. It’s a systematic and logical study of the truth, of the ugly, naked, simple truth. Those who are willing to understand the sciences are brave and selfless.

And then there’s the other world of literature, philosophy, and the arts. Writers and thinkers create elaborate, beautiful, intricate explanations that are false fantasies. The words that are used to describe Those amazing awesome Armadillos that Mcqueen created, and they way they compelled you? Wait you’re not even anything, and those Armadillos are just bonds of molecules. . . that result into a shape that will later compose the pacifier that your baby puts in his mouth.

And every piece. Every piece of genius is nothing but a chunk of empty space. That is the truth.

But If you truly, truly think about it, is it not marvelous that something so beautiful, epic, and ethereal and insert more multi syllable adjectives to get my point across can be created from something as symbol and lame (xD) as space and hydrogen bonds or what the crap. That beauty and awesomeness (way to go with clever descriptions) can be created from naked, ugly truths.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of Pastels and Poop

It's a square. Inscribed in a circle. Filled with lovely, lovely pastel objects of adoration.

If I prove that the side of the square is 2r divide by sqr root of 2, will the companies send me these objects of adoration?

Uhh, I think not, because no one ever cares about math and how sexy the people who do it are.

The first thing I see on Polyvore is pastel dresses, and I worry that I'm not original, that I might've just gotten the sickness or flu of pastels from fashion shows. But I don't really care. These colors are just too beautiful.

Not a lot of homework! Good day of life today. And also, after the rain these days were beautiful. Like Odysseys' muscles :p

Monday, March 15, 2010

Add milk to tea makes good emission

It does not matter what I say. I will always end up looking like this.

It's blue, with white, with tulle, with twist, with turn. It looks like pastel challah.

That's what I would look like if it would stop raining and if I liked my face.

If I were any of these girls. . .as in if I had any of these pieces. . .

She's nude all over and she's also colorful.

And of course. . .to the tinest detail of socks.

It's been pouring for three days in a row. It's disgusting. It's muddy. Everybody's basement flooded.

"I like rain because it means that spring is coming."

Well I want spring to come. (And summer and no school and camp and lazy long days. . .)

I want to try my new love: Pastels

How did I never notice the magic of pastels? As long as something is pastel it looks beautiful with anything else pastel. Pastel pink looks so beautiful with pastel green, and with a whole outfit of these opaque soft colors it’s really like a magical garden. . .or something.

When you add a touch of white to colors you transform them to be perfect and beautiful, able to go with anything else. Unlike neon, pastels are not eye popping, but like neon, they are eye candy.

I have a dream. . .that spring would come soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pigmented stenciling

Erdem did a fantastic job with color and design, and I actually don’t have a clue as to what Erdem is but randomly saw the collection and loved the fabrics that were used. It’s not eye poppingly amazing, it’s interestingly, there’s a subtle and deep thing about the designs . . . The colors remind me of oil paint pigments mixing in with linseed oil. . .it’s like an artist collecting precious bits of color in a rainforest. . .and the lace up shoes look like colorful oil spills miraculously done in pattern. . .the colors are really fantastic

Currently writing an essay on the Crusades and looking forward to one on the Odyssey tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Generic love

I enjoy more of the shows that relate to art, and not clothing. But the recent Marc Jacobs collection, for fall or something, I sort of liked, still in terms of clothing though. First, the long lengths.

I love the elegance and simply cut of long skirts, and they’re just so much more powerful than the minis. Second, the texture. I love the how the fur was mixed with the tweedy and cottons, and it gives the looks all soft, but interesting focal points.

And then there’s the way he used-all neutrals. It sounded like a nightmare, especially when one of my friends said she wore all gray for a week after being inspired by this boy here. I’m a big fan of color and design, but this is sort of nice and pretty and calm. . .I mean it’s not a genius original piece of art but it’s still nice.