Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of Pastels and Poop

It's a square. Inscribed in a circle. Filled with lovely, lovely pastel objects of adoration.

If I prove that the side of the square is 2r divide by sqr root of 2, will the companies send me these objects of adoration?

Uhh, I think not, because no one ever cares about math and how sexy the people who do it are.

The first thing I see on Polyvore is pastel dresses, and I worry that I'm not original, that I might've just gotten the sickness or flu of pastels from fashion shows. But I don't really care. These colors are just too beautiful.

Not a lot of homework! Good day of life today. And also, after the rain these days were beautiful. Like Odysseys' muscles :p


  1. your wife and childMarch 18, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    "no one ever cares about math and how sexy the people who do it are."

    i care. math and sexiness are like alexander mcqueen and cool shoes; you can't separate them.

  2. Seriously, I would suffer through math (I'm really just not good at it) if it meant I could get that gray skirt with the blue ruffles.

  3. Ugh, I hate math, too bad it forms a little part of my course at uni.

    Pretty polyvore, just on the right shade of sweet rather than sickly! I like.

  4. oh my goodness i LOVE your banner. F=ma... physics right there! haha

  5. Thanks for comment!
    Do you follow me? I agradece it to you!

    with love :)

  6. LOVE IT
    fabulous pieces youve chosen
    loving your blog!
    thanks for sharing as always darling!


  7. the colors here are perfect. so romantic and dreamy.

  8. i love the pastel colors, sogorgeous

  9. like the colours from the pieces.. like the dresses and nailpolish..

    xox cla

  10. Love the three toned dress, the colors remind me of a painting I saw a few days ago. oh btw, the pins from my blog are going to be used on my DIY tanks and probably on the cardigans. Good guess ;)

  11. hi,
    thank you catherine,you don't speak french?....No problem...Your blog is genious.Bye,bye

  12. Love your collage, and I appreciate how you've infused some colour alongside the conventional peachy pastels that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

    maths is also very sexy. i agree.

    - Anna Jane x

  13. omg i want everything here

    and lol it's hard NOT to visit shops with knockoffs in china.