Friday, March 12, 2010

Pigmented stenciling

Erdem did a fantastic job with color and design, and I actually don’t have a clue as to what Erdem is but randomly saw the collection and loved the fabrics that were used. It’s not eye poppingly amazing, it’s interestingly, there’s a subtle and deep thing about the designs . . . The colors remind me of oil paint pigments mixing in with linseed oil. . .it’s like an artist collecting precious bits of color in a rainforest. . .and the lace up shoes look like colorful oil spills miraculously done in pattern. . .the colors are really fantastic

Currently writing an essay on the Crusades and looking forward to one on the Odyssey tomorrow.


  1. I feel your essay pain, I really do. I still have so much to do and my deadlines are looming!

    Love Erdem!

  2. cute collage! so glad im done with uni and school no more essays way hay x

  3. god, how many times will they make us read that book, right? buhh.