Monday, March 15, 2010

Add milk to tea makes good emission

It does not matter what I say. I will always end up looking like this.

It's blue, with white, with tulle, with twist, with turn. It looks like pastel challah.

That's what I would look like if it would stop raining and if I liked my face.

If I were any of these girls. . .as in if I had any of these pieces. . .

She's nude all over and she's also colorful.

And of course. . .to the tinest detail of socks.

It's been pouring for three days in a row. It's disgusting. It's muddy. Everybody's basement flooded.

"I like rain because it means that spring is coming."

Well I want spring to come. (And summer and no school and camp and lazy long days. . .)

I want to try my new love: Pastels

How did I never notice the magic of pastels? As long as something is pastel it looks beautiful with anything else pastel. Pastel pink looks so beautiful with pastel green, and with a whole outfit of these opaque soft colors it’s really like a magical garden. . .or something.

When you add a touch of white to colors you transform them to be perfect and beautiful, able to go with anything else. Unlike neon, pastels are not eye popping, but like neon, they are eye candy.

I have a dream. . .that spring would come soon.


  1. those shoes in the last post are killer.

  2. Gosh, I adore all of these outfits! The pale-colored combinations are so Spring-y. :)


  3. I love pastels! Can't wait to wear them!

  4. me tooo
    pure pastells are so cute and feminine
    adoring this summer <3

  5. I used to hate on pastels, but now I'm pretty in love with them. I feel like such a sheep!

    I've got a flat iron giveaway on my blog at the moment, if you're interested. :]

  6. i love this pastel tones, so fresh and feminin

  7. Great blog post!

    I'm inspired.

    We like a lot of the same things.


  8. so many gorgeous photographs, i <3 pastels too!


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  9. The hair in that first pic = SCARY SPICE!