Sunday, March 21, 2010

From outer space

Hi. These are images of life, non life, and perhaps life.

We had a brief unit of atomic chemistry in physics the past few weeks. Apparentment, atoms are made up of basically space, matter is basically space, and the world that one time I fell in love with is basically empty space.

Them amazingly constructed geniusly encrusted Armadillo shoes are a chunk of solid space.

The geniuses who create my objects of adoration are space.

My ice cream is empty space. So am I.

The atoms in your body are not yours. They come from the poop of Adolf Hitler and the black dresses of Coco Chanel. You do not own your atoms, you are only their present caretaker. Truth.

Atoms are composed of a nucleus of neutrons and protons, with teeny tiny negatively charged electrons floating around it. Atoms are mostly empty space. You are mostly empty space, and that empty space doesn’t even belong to you. Because you are empty space.

Studying for this science test is depressing. Science is depressing. Science brings enlightenment to us. It makes us realize how little we mean to the universe, how insignificant our thoughts really are. It’s a systematic and logical study of the truth, of the ugly, naked, simple truth. Those who are willing to understand the sciences are brave and selfless.

And then there’s the other world of literature, philosophy, and the arts. Writers and thinkers create elaborate, beautiful, intricate explanations that are false fantasies. The words that are used to describe Those amazing awesome Armadillos that Mcqueen created, and they way they compelled you? Wait you’re not even anything, and those Armadillos are just bonds of molecules. . . that result into a shape that will later compose the pacifier that your baby puts in his mouth.

And every piece. Every piece of genius is nothing but a chunk of empty space. That is the truth.

But If you truly, truly think about it, is it not marvelous that something so beautiful, epic, and ethereal and insert more multi syllable adjectives to get my point across can be created from something as symbol and lame (xD) as space and hydrogen bonds or what the crap. That beauty and awesomeness (way to go with clever descriptions) can be created from naked, ugly truths.


  1. Devon Aoki looks gorgeous. I always loved Science in school but I never saw the greater purpose of it. On Sundays there is an awesome tv show that I've been watching by the BBC and it's really opened my eyes and actually made me eagar to learn more about universe...except not the physics part. Yuck!

  2. your pretty asian soulmateMarch 22, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    i love you. quite a thought-provoking post.

    p.s. if you're interested in high-waisted jeans i have a pair.

  3. The first photo is so interesting... great take on reinventing a classically styled painting.

  4. So effectively, these words that I'm typing are just space? And your blog is just space? And I am just space? Science is cool, man. I remember being fascinated by atoms back when I was studying them at school, I used to love those experiments (can't remember the name) where you have cathodes and stuff and you watch the atoms become negatively and positively charged! Oh wait, ELECTROLYSIS! 8)

    That umbrella dress is going on my want list.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  5. that 2nd pic is ever so scary x

  6. Love your space associations! Great pics.

  7. gorgeous photographs--dreamy, maybe even creepy, and definitely inspiring :)


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  8. It's nice finding a unique, thoughtful, philosophical, bitterly-humorous post! I enjoyed reading your musings.

  9. I love the Banksy painting!


  10. Great post. Those old school sunglasses are too cool.

  11. I find it bemusing that you are studying whilst updating a fashion blog.
    I am certain I will fail the physics test.
    Also, you're blog is awesome.