Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shooos xD

My Steve Madden brogues came last week and they're amazing, even thought I feel like trippy and dangerous-the soles are perfectly smooth. Really really cute, and comfortable too.

I have real midterms coming up. They are my favorite things in the whole world.
Spring: The space polyvore provided was too small and my inspiration board is a SMALL chunk of what I really have :(.

I mean I can't actually get Armadillo shoes but they're effing sick! Boys hate them and that's important.

I jus' lurve. Mixing of prints and color is fantastic.

Should go back to studying now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What do you look like when you're faithful to the dissappeared?

I have a job at a Chinese school. I wait upon little children who go to the bathroom and open the doors for them. When they drop their stuff I pick it up for them. I read out loud and make them repeat after me. When they try to snap elastics around I tell them that if it hits someone a lovely man named Jesus will be furious. For all this work I get no money.

While I was waiting upon them little birds, an old lady walks in:

Old lady: Excuse me comrade,
Me: Yes?
Old lady: That bathroom says "girls", which means it's for little people, do you know where we can go to the bathroom?
Me: You can use this one too
Old lady: Oh really? We can all go in?
Me: Yeah...
Old lady: all right, thank you.

Heh. she never went in as far as I know.

Lovely ways of dressing, no? I would love to own a Zhongshan coat in a dark elegant hue but I don't want to be arrested for being a commie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Etsy. It's inspired from Latin

Etsy roundup! Most of this isn't in my size, or out of my price range :(

Sheer gold brogues. I want to say they're ugly and also I love them.

I'm coveting a floral blazer. I like this one.

This dress, at $25, is a complete steal. Not my size though.

We all used to love tulle as children, but in the past few years I've shunned them like hell. If love is the rawest, purest form of magic, then tulle is the most organic form of dreams. Now almost into adulthood, I seem to believe in dreams again...

A beautiful drape effect created by just plain gray tees. At a fair price: $65

I'm off to catch some Asian revolutionary soap opera/dramas! Have a good day/night!

Friday, January 1, 2010

It was 2010 in Shanghai before it was 2010 here

Happy New Year everyone, how was your first day of 2010? Mine was pretty good. So last year a couple days ago I was hooked onto talking to this child in my math class because he had such good words spilling out via Facebook and also because I didn’t feel like doing my scholarly work.

Last year a couple days ago I chatted with Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirates and felt all proud of myself. Last year a couple days ago I was still emulating Brooke Kao of the Fashion Void that is DC because I believe well look alike.

Last year I talked with Nordstrom online helpers and finally ordered my Steve Madden Tuxxedo flats in cognac, a half-size too big. This year they will be coming. Later.

Last year a couple days ago I read the Scarlet Pimpernel and Surrender to a Stranger. This year I’m reading My Antonia.

Last year I made some looklets based on those book and this year I’m going to post them. Last year I decided to firmly believe that F=ma and this year I still do. Have a great 2010!

Great texturing eh?

I covet this dress.
I'm getting a shoe. Or two.