Monday, January 11, 2010

What do you look like when you're faithful to the dissappeared?

I have a job at a Chinese school. I wait upon little children who go to the bathroom and open the doors for them. When they drop their stuff I pick it up for them. I read out loud and make them repeat after me. When they try to snap elastics around I tell them that if it hits someone a lovely man named Jesus will be furious. For all this work I get no money.

While I was waiting upon them little birds, an old lady walks in:

Old lady: Excuse me comrade,
Me: Yes?
Old lady: That bathroom says "girls", which means it's for little people, do you know where we can go to the bathroom?
Me: You can use this one too
Old lady: Oh really? We can all go in?
Me: Yeah...
Old lady: all right, thank you.

Heh. she never went in as far as I know.

Lovely ways of dressing, no? I would love to own a Zhongshan coat in a dark elegant hue but I don't want to be arrested for being a commie.


  1. haha cute post! nice blog you have here :)


  2. you seem like a cool person ~^_^~ i will be back (said a la arnold)