Saturday, January 2, 2010

Etsy. It's inspired from Latin

Etsy roundup! Most of this isn't in my size, or out of my price range :(

Sheer gold brogues. I want to say they're ugly and also I love them.

I'm coveting a floral blazer. I like this one.

This dress, at $25, is a complete steal. Not my size though.

We all used to love tulle as children, but in the past few years I've shunned them like hell. If love is the rawest, purest form of magic, then tulle is the most organic form of dreams. Now almost into adulthood, I seem to believe in dreams again...

A beautiful drape effect created by just plain gray tees. At a fair price: $65

I'm off to catch some Asian revolutionary soap opera/dramas! Have a good day/night!


  1. That tulle skirt is awesome. I had one made on etsy for halloween. I wish I could wear it everyday!

  2. what fantastic items! especiall the floral dress =)

  3. Those shoes omg GORGEOUS ohhhhhh im needing them hehe x

  4. love the shirt ! love it xo
    and the SHOES
    i want them !