Friday, January 1, 2010

It was 2010 in Shanghai before it was 2010 here

Happy New Year everyone, how was your first day of 2010? Mine was pretty good. So last year a couple days ago I was hooked onto talking to this child in my math class because he had such good words spilling out via Facebook and also because I didn’t feel like doing my scholarly work.

Last year a couple days ago I chatted with Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirates and felt all proud of myself. Last year a couple days ago I was still emulating Brooke Kao of the Fashion Void that is DC because I believe well look alike.

Last year I talked with Nordstrom online helpers and finally ordered my Steve Madden Tuxxedo flats in cognac, a half-size too big. This year they will be coming. Later.

Last year a couple days ago I read the Scarlet Pimpernel and Surrender to a Stranger. This year I’m reading My Antonia.

Last year I made some looklets based on those book and this year I’m going to post them. Last year I decided to firmly believe that F=ma and this year I still do. Have a great 2010!

Great texturing eh?

I covet this dress.
I'm getting a shoe. Or two.


  1. Yea! Sweet blog! I love a good fashion blog! I am joining your followers!

  2. i love the first looklet!

  3. last post--paintings NOT better than cdg. chemical+unnatural>natural.