Friday, August 27, 2010


OH hi blog, long time no see.

OH fashion. . .Um hi.

So camp: it was pretty dang cool. . .and now I can actually muster strength to type and talk about it in a tangible manner. It was colorful, bright orange creme tees, so many rubiks cubes in different sizes and shapes, pyramids, the cute 2x2x2, and I can only do 2/3 of the 3x3x3 before I pass out :( Why can't I do anything?

And then a tradition from an older math camp (because ours is new this year!)-Sarongs! I wish I could sneak there for a day. . .they sell beautiful African sarongs "dirt cheap" as I heard and the idea is you wear them all over! The first day I saw our head counselor with a yellow sarong wrapped tightly around his skinny legs. . .I was a bit startled.

And then an hour ago we went to the mall.

Mom: "You guys can look at 3 stores and don't buy anything."


ZARA: AHH 9.99 sale I NEED

So we were just dragged along because our house was depleted of dark Lindt (Asian home staple? Surprise!)


So enjoy my pictures, and more coherent than thou writing.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mathing time be over.

Now that the interestingness of my summer is completely over I feel like I’m not really going to be interesting anymore. There were two sessions of attempts to bring haute couture to the dorm rooms, numerous attempts to finish homework and get enough sleep…and 3 attempts to do summer French, -0 of them being successful. I don’t really have a lot to say about these. . .That fabulous green halter is my fabulous roomate Vivian's..... . .those are her shades, and my everything else. And that orange tie dye turban is the awesome nerd shirt that everybody said they hated but actually loved to death.
Er the other more bustier like thing is a suite-mate’s. . .from good old average AE. And everything else is the same. I mean I don’t have much to say about fashion and that…it was just really fun. When you live with people who do the same things as you, you just get so much closer and everybody’s a really big happy family. . .and then camp’s over and then things happen. . .and then I get a headache. I’m so coherent, I know....but like yeah I had a taste of complex life and didn't like it so now I cleared the complexity.
OH OH OH OH OH. While on a cliché trip to them Ivy Leagues, me and my friend stop by at UO and I find good deals. . .only to have to return empty handed back to the mathers because the line for purchase was too long. Fail much?
I'll upload the less pretty ones later. When I've done more of my work.
Oh and I got a lookbook thingy. YAY YAY YAY.