Friday, July 9, 2010

Couture, camp, and to be continued

So I uh basically am at an oil painting camp where you paint with oil for like the whole day.

There’s this pretty skilled teacher who says these painting principles over and over again and it soaks in like crazy. So I couldn’t actually watch those couture presentations without looking at the pieces from an oil painter’s point of view. . .not that I’m exactly an accomplished one, but the fact that I’m thinking in the terms of one makes me feel damn cool.
The one that I saw on blogs and stuff before visiting after a tiring, tiring week. . .Givenchy.

The textures were deep and intricate. . .feathers, sheers, shiny thingies. . .and the whole skeletal idea very compelling. And because I like it from an oil painter’s view and I’ve been mimicking an oil painter who paints flowers and trees, these things go together in a polyvore.
The Dior one didn’t receive as much awe and appreciation, but in the eyes of an oil painter, OMG!

The vibrant hues, soft flowing tulle, and that wooly angora, it’s the epitome of beauty in the eyes of an oil painter and in the eyes of normal creepy me. . .yes those tulle concotions and fuzzy angora sweaters are amazing.

I loved Elie Saab and some of Chanel’s (oh surprise Chanel is a label with such a bad connotation) but most of his gowns in his regular shows are so breathtaking anyway it’s really all the same. . .
And also because I’m like getting sexually harassed and tired out by all the painting. . .and math camp after it, I’ll be on vacation from fashion. LOVE YOU ALL, bye.