Friday, April 9, 2010

Asian is spelled Azn in math

I just spent six hours of today being a young creep with messy hair at the states math meet. I succeeded in the art of failing using the help of guessing by logic, and spent high amounts of time staring at the gorgeous visages of famous mathletes strolling around. These kids are beautiful mentally and physically, they look awesome, do math awesome, talk awesome, walk awesome, and just simply exude awesomeness. During the car ride to the site of the meet/ride back/both, I was brought to the realization that by stalking fashionable and math people, I don’t really have a life.
But what actually is the meaning of life?

“STALKING!!!. . .. ... .right?”

^^^^^^^^^This is basically what they look like, except insert male features in faces (not that females aren’t awesome but I didn’t see them/fall in love with them.)

It’s actually lame how real nerds do not wear large black glasses with khakis and argyle sweaters, and people who dress like that can’t actually do these little creepy wordy puzzles known as math.

But it doesn’t matter, because I don’t want to argue with felines whose heels and stare could rip my throat apart.

Errr. . .convos, the words exchanged between more than one person.

(As Catherine sit struggling with the new idea of logarithms, or logs, the pieces of wood that float in a swamp.)

Mother: Hey Catherine, could you try some of these on? (holds up light peach colored silk dress)

Catherine: Sure I guess. . .

Christina walks over and

Christina: Hey! I want those.

30 minutes later, As she struggles with the inequalities of wood,

Mom: Also, can you try these? (Holds up two of her old tops white lace crop and green-blue luxe knit

Catherine: Um yeah

Catherine: Hey they look nice thanks! (Puts them in her closet)

20 minutes later

Mom: Hey can you let Christina try those two tops

Catherine opens closet and hands Christina lace crop

Christina while putting it on

Christina: Ahh, this can’t go over my head, Cathy, can you pull this over my head?

So yeah if I fail my log test these two have some responsibility.


  1. little fish in the riverApril 10, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    are the clothes from you mom nice?

    if you need help with logs ask me: we get along well as we both like to float in rivers.

  2. Loving that gorgeous Vogue spread! The flowers in the background are beautiful!

  3. I'm so glad I never have to take another math class again! I really did used to love it once upon a time but the class I took in junior & senior year was an absolute killer and made me hate it :(
    It is indeed strange though how actual nerds don't dress like the fashionable ones, or why the whole geeky look is in fashion in the first place.

  4. Cute photos.

    Unluckily, I don't like most of clothes which my mum suggests.

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  6. I have to say, you're pretty funny.

  7. Oh gosh math...hmm we always had a love/hate relationship. Awesome blog that you have. I like the pics that you used, hope you have a lovely week!

  8. Good luck on your test! Don't get distracted by the beautiful math boys either ;)

  9. Dear Catherine,

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  10. loved that editorial
    loving the blog - great posts
    stop by some time!

  11. I am terrible at maths!! I really love the Vogue editorial, is it Vogue Nippon or Korea?

  12. These pictures are gorgeous!

  13. These photos are amazing. I love the structured spring looks.