Friday, April 30, 2010

the middle of the diagram

While at yet another math meet that yet again messes my Friday schedule up and yet again failing a physics test by taking it in five minutes but today I did better than last time. To do well in math I have to fail physics apparently.

So this is what went on in the chambers of my head after I completed my rounds and uh stared at uh you know those cool lookin’ guys who you know are smarter than god (look up, see him? Not as cool looking as the other guys).

The activities of a teenager last with him throughout his whole life. So basically what we’re doing right now is what we love so much that we do it for the rest of our lives. And because what we’re all doing is very very different from each other, we’re going to be very very different people when we grow up.

That’s nice. I like diversity in this world. And I like you. Diversity is colorful and pretty like Dries Van Noten. You look pretty with me and the rest of the world.

But even though we’re all different people it’s kind of nice how inside we’re still wondering about the same things (uh scientists shoved this niceness at me, so what I’m saying is legitimate but not out straight out of my head.) According to them, we all wonder about the meaning of life, our future, and sexuality.

I constantly ask people what the meaning of life is and they constantly answer it lamely, and also those really smart kids at math meets-they discuss sexuality and what do you say when a girl says “does this dress make me look fat?”

You say: “No, you make you look fat!”

What the f(x)? That’s really rude yet logical like their USAMO proofs.

But really…isn’t it sort of wonderful how all these people are similar in thought so often? These kids are all similar!

She's awesome sort of sophisticated and like the ones below.

Perhaps potheads, perhaps not, rocking in docs.

I don't want to say much, for fear that these people would discover this
piece of internet space and so no names-they're just mathies that I know are like the people above. it's surprising and kind of nice to know I'm like them in a way. . . Guess which one I stared at. . .

I think*** that this is a teen. Not sure totally.

Have a nice day today. (see I would say weekend, but no I don't post often enough to make that work.)


  1. Yummm love the potheads :P.

    Haha, digging the asian boys (as always)

  2. Hahaha I love this post.

  3. wow, I so love the sneakers and the docs too.

  4. such an interesting post. love the pics, too.

  5. Loving the cute colours in that last photo! She looks a little sleepy though!