Saturday, November 28, 2009

The legacy of men

Throughout the history of fashion, women have always followed men in the evolution of style. And some are unable to realize this vital fact-like my dear mother.

I bid on these amazing black and white brogues on Ebay last week, and when it was time to pay, showed the images to her. Appalled, she told me that these shoes were worn by men and creepy men too (where she comes from, it was the symbol of men who laundered money), and told me that perhaps there was something wrong with my head.

Brogues, in fact, are becoming the new style for women. They are easy, comfortable, and beautiful. Not painful like stiletto heels-which I don't think were inspired by man style, for we know men can't deal with such pain.

The best brogues to buy are Steve Madden, for 69.95, from Endless, Nordstrom, or Macy's. Don't buy the ones in cognac yet-I need to get my ahnds on them first, thank you very much.

Oh, so now I don't have the brogues, they're sitting on the shelf of unpaid Ebay items until I can persuade my mom that there is something called change.


  1. I love the brogues, I've been yearning for a pair myself.
    Sorry they didn't work out!


  2. awesome post I like this shoe
    plzz write about boots treds

  3. omg i want them so badly :(