Thursday, December 10, 2009

Literary characters======inspiration

I feel like I’m like a fake sometimes because people like Tavi get inspired from what we are supposed to-fashion and fashion shows. I love the shows but really don’t pay attention to them while shopping and getting dressed. I like to look at historical figures, movies, book character, and literary people that are just so amazing.

You know why? The models that walk on the runway are characters without voice-you don’t know about them or the character they’re playing, you can imagine, but it isn’t as compelling. The characters in literature are true, and echo voice.

They are way easier to comprehend, and the make you feel stronger emotions. I’m currently sort of enthralled with the emotional values of dark shades with cloak-tights silhouette, such as shown by Dakota Fanning in New Moon and Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter series.

Severus Snape from Twlight: J.K Rowling teaches readers that love is the ultimate power, it defeats death, evil, and hate. It is the most powerful emotion of all; an ancient magic. Torn by the death of the one woman he truly loved, Severus Snape did everything that Dumbledore told him to that would make sure she did not die in vain.

He protected the son of a man who bullied him in childhood and married the woman he truly loved. He could’ve easily avenge by doing something horrible to Harry, but kept it only to snide comments and bad grades. He got hurt, and stayed in the game until dying from the duties Dumbledore bestowed on him, but not before succeeding in protecting Harry. Snape is the strongest example of this classical lesson.

Harry’s mother died in protecting him, understandably, for she is his mother. Snape risked his life, and really gave his life in protecting her son with another man, ultimately showing that true love has ultimate power.

Although lacking in emotions, once Jane was introduced in New Moon, it is undeniable that she lacks nothing in the field of power. Her ability to control the inner thoughts of people is a talent shared for few people.

She abuses her ability to survive. Dakota Fanning wears somber dark colors, reminiscent of a strict Catholic school. But the collar-a twist and curl of peplum, is what completes the outfit. When Jane laughs, the laugh is described as “bubbling,” and her smile is angelic. This wasn’t actually portrayed in the movie-Fanning’s thick eyeliner was more menacing.

Both Snape and Jane are inhabitants of the surreal literary world. They dress in their somber black, hiding mysteriously. We are unable to decipher their truths, until perhaps The End.


  1. I can't believe Snape killed Dumbledore. So. Sad. :<

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  3. SNAPE!! Harry Potter is my Jesus.