Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A floral surprise

Talk about surprise-

sedating myself on the internet, more accurately, surfing Etsy,(Actually the most addicting site ever) when I encounterd those handmade shoes. After my first instant of emotions, I saw the shoes on Tavi (Style Rookie) and therefore emailed her the links. Turns out, she likes them too.

The shoes are not beautiful, and not made to make you look beautiful either; They are absolutely stunning. The designs are mostly floral, and are kind of enrapturing, I saw it as a mix of brilliance and surprise, wondering what it is, really. I really want the first shoes, but because I’m still scraping up for some brogues, these shoes priced at an average of $400 aren’t going to make my shopping list yet.

I still have exams, or more accurately a half exam left over. Wish me luck people.


  1. amazing shoes... i want them all!!

  2. Beautifully vintage, I think I want a pair.

  3. WOW! Unique!! Never saw something like that!